Positioning Hinge, 150°, Stainless Steel Detent Tube, Natural, Black


Southco’s Detent Hinges offer multiple design advantages for door positioning applications, including multiple detents, corrosion-resistant construction and a clean, streamlined appearance that complements industrial design. All models provide proven strength and cycle life, and offer a 180° range of motion for easy access to enclosures for servicing or maintaining equipment.

Material Acetal Copolymer
Finish Natural
Color/Appearance Black
Forward Torque (Nm) 1.70
Reverse Torque (Nm) 1.70
Mounting Style Exposed Mount
Installation Rivet / Screw
Series Detent
Tube Material Stainless Steel
Detented Open Angle 150.00
Compliance Specification UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 1, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12K, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 13, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 2, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 5
Class C6/G6 - Detent Hinges
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