VISE ACTION® Compression Latch, Large Size, Wing, Zinc Alloy, Powder Coated, Black


'Southco’s VISE ACTION® Compression latches provide mechanical advantage, ensuring tight, robust vibration resistant door closure to seal out water and dust in the most strenuous applications. The smooth operation of the VISE ACTION® design aligns the cam behind the frame, then draws it straight up tight to prevent scraping against the frame, with a single continuous half-turn motion.  Its compression action provides consistent 6.4 mm (.25”) pull-up for environmental sealing in gasketed applications, and helps reduce or eliminate noise and rattles caused by vibration.  Over-center latching resists accidental opening due to shock or vibration.  

Material Zinc Alloy
Finish Powder Coat
Color/Appearance Black
Access Restriction No Restriction
Grip Type Adjustable
Mounting Style Single Hole Mount
Head Style Wing
Series Standard
Min. Outer Panel Thickness (mm) 0.00
Max Outer Panel Thickness (mm) 18.00
Grip - Minimum (mm) 25.40
Grip - Maximum (mm) 41.10
Grip - Minimum (Cam Reversed) (mm) 52.60
Grip - Maximum (Cam Reversed) (mm) 68.30
Cam Attached Yes
Rotation Type A - Turn Clockwise to Latch
Actuator Type Cylinder Lock
Compliance Specification UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 1, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 12K, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 13, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 2, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3R, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3RX, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 3X, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 4, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 4X, UL FTTA2 / FTTA8 Type 5
Latching Points Single or Three - Point
Class E3 - VISE ACTION® Compression Latches
Size 19.1mm
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